Turkey is known for the quality and the price of it’s dental clinics. Whether it be an aesthetic or a functional change, clinics offer multiple procedures based on their patient’s desires. Teeth implants are one of those procedures that can restore both the aesthetic and the functional aspects of a smile. If you want to learn more about teeth implants in Turkey, you can contact us via our website and social media.


Dental Implants are very expensive procedures. Their unit prices are nearly twice the price of a zirconium crown unit price. This is due to them being the closest thing to a real tooth and the general longevity of the treatment. In other countries a full mouth dental implant can be very pricy. Contrary to that, dental implant Turkey prices are significantly cheaper compared to those countries.
In spite of changes in dental care, millions of people still endure tooth misfortune — for the most part due to tooth rot, periodontal infection, or damage. For an extended long time, the treatment choices accessible for individuals with lost teeth were bridges and dentures. But, nowadays, dental implants are available. This heavily expensive treatment is (just like other treatments) not as expensive in İstanbul, Turkey. Our clinic is under heavy demand from England, Canada and USA and the feedbacks regarding the dental implants have been amazing so far. You can check these reviews at the top!


Dental implants are substitutiontooth roots. implants give a solid establishment for settled (changeless) or detachable substitution teeth that are made to coordinate your natural teeth. Dental implants that are set on chin bone actlike tooth root. In case single tooth is lost, without touching the adjoining teeth, lost tooth can be completedand on the off chance that numerous teeth are lost, settled prosthesis can be utilized rather than portable prosthesis by implies of dental implants. In case there are no teeth, it is conceivableto settle the portable prosthesis which is troublesome to utilize at lower chin and which can come out effectively.


Some of our patients has noteeth, this procedure is for those patients that lack the teeth or severely damaged teeth to get a diffrent implants. All on 4 and All on 6 treatments give an option to some patients.

All on 4;

  • All-on-4 implants are a permanent collection of engineered teeth connected to dental implants that are surgically implanted in the jaw. They look like naturalteeth and functionlike one aswell.
  • The All- dental implant procedure uses onlyfour implants per arch, while conventional implants use six to eight or more implants in each arch at any location.
  • The All- procedure implants are also positioned at an angle which enables increased contact by using your bone’s natural support. However, for most cases, the All-on-4 procedure does not require bone grafting as is typical in conventional implant procedures. All-on-4 dental implants thus save bothtime and money.
  • Anyone who lost most or all of their teeth can get this treatment as long as they are healthy .
  • Other than these differences they function just like the conventional implants.

All on 6;

  • By using 6 dental implants which act as an anchor for a bridge or over-denture, the procedure creates a permanentprosthesis. Six implants are mounted in the lower or upper jawbone to hold prosthetic teeth.
  • Your dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination, take x-rays and scans to assess the internal structures in your mouth and determine bone loss and also make impressionsto create your smile
  • With time, the implants implantedin the jaw will attach to the jawbone, mimicking the natural roots and giving you a permanent , more natural smile
  • Bone grafting is rarely needed for All-on-6 procedure. You’ll have an amazingly perfect collectionof teeth, in addition to quick washing. The treatment period for tooth restoration is shorter, and along lasting choice.


They moreover must be committedto great verbal cleanliness and normal dental visits. Heavy smokers, individuals enduring from uncontrolled unremitting disarranges — such as diabetes or heart illness — or patients who have had radiation treatment to the head/neck range have to be be assessed on an personal premise.
In general; it is probably right for you if you have the following;
  • Have missing teeth.
  • A fullygrown jawbone.
  • Enough bonein your jaw to support implants.
  • A healthyoral hygiene.
  • Unable to wear dentures or if you don’t want to wearthem.(we get it)
  • Want to improveyour self esteem and speech.
  • If you can go 5 days without smoking.
  • If it’s a problemfor you.


  • Superior apperance . Dental implants are pretty much identical to your own teeth in a sense that thelookand the feel doesn’t change. And because they are fused in with the bone, they become permanent.
  • Better speech . Because of the bad fitting of the mouth, the teeth might slip within the mouth causing you to mumbleor mutteryour words. With the help of the implants you can speak without worrying about those unwanted effects.
  • Improved self confidence . With these two at the top, you can take your smile and speech pattern back and feel better about yourself. No need to worry about your teeth anymore.
  • Improved comfort . Unlike removable dentures, implants become a part of you and eliminate any discomfort in your mouth.
  • Natural eating . Removable dentures can make chewing troublesome . Dental implants work like your natural teeth, permitting you to eat your favorite nourishments with certainty and without
  • Better overall dental health . Dental implants don’t require reducing other teeth, as a tooth-supported bridge does. Because nearby teeth are not altered to support the implant, more of your own teeth are leftintact, improving long-term oral health. Individual implants also allow easieraccess between teeth, improving oral hygiene.
  • Consistency . Implants are the strongest dental treatment you can get. With proper care, they can last your entire life.
  • Sufficiency . You don’t have to feel embarrassed about the removable dentures. As implants are there the whole time.


  • Cost. Dental implants are a costly treatment plan compared to other procedures. They might be downright unaffordable at other countrys. But, because of the Turkeys success at dental care, it’s gonna be much more affordable with us.
  • Surgery. Unlike other dental treatments, implants require a surgery. Some patients are afraid from the anesthezia. But, complication risks are comically low.
  • Fail chance. There is a minor chance that your implants might fail. But, we assess the situation before the surgery and only give implants to those people who we think will accept the implants.
Patients need to know that implants are not instantcures. The recovery time is very long and the patients need to be patient . First thing that we check is if you have enough bone tissue in your jaw. If you don’t have that, we may need to do a bone graft surgery first. This will ensure that your implants can stay at your jaw for an extended period. But, don’t panic, this rarely happens.
Placing the implants immediately after the bone graft surgery is impossible . Thats why we are gonna let them heal accordingly . After that, we are gonna do the dental implant surgery. After the surgery, once again, we need to wait for the gums to heal again. While healing, your gums will begin to grow aroundyour implants.
The entire healing course depends on the individual and how good the surgery went. But a general timeline can range from 2 months to 9 months. After gums heal properly ,which takes about a week, we will take measurementsof your teeth and craftyour permanent tooth restorations. When all is said and done, lab will send those restorationsand we are going to place them to your jaw for (hopefully ) forever.
But, take these timelines as a general startingpoint. As there are other factors that affect the healing time. For example;
  • If your your overall dental health is good, the healing time will be shorter.
  • If you are only getting couple of implants, the healing time will be shorter.
  • The location of the teeth can be factor.
  • If there is also tooth extraction or bone graft surgery is needed.
  • If the patient has diabetes or a systemic diseases like osteoclasis.
Worst case scenario is about 9 months where you also need bone graft and extraction, but it can be as low as 2.5 months. Bone graft surgery is very rare and patients hardly require that.
When patients hear about the dental implant treatment, first thing they do is check the images on google. From what we heard and saw, it looks painful. But those images do not representthe truth or the realexperience. Because the anesthezia is going to feel you numbon those areas. There will be no pain, only a slight discomfort from time to time. Dental Implant surgery is one of the easiest surgeries you can get and there is nothing you need to stressabout. Most patients report that a tooth extraction is involve more painthan a dental implant surgery.
First step is going to be a facetime call with our dentists in İstanbul, Turkey. In order to build a trust, our dentists is gonna explain the entire treatment plan to you and make you feel satisfied with knowledge. They will go over every step and every part of the treatment, from surgery to post surgery, from what to do list to what not to do list. If the patient has any questions or doubts, our dentists will answer every question to removethose question marks. After decidingthe date for the surgery, following will happen;
  • Having you rinsewith a special anti-bacterial mouthwash.
  • Giving you some antibiotics to take few days prior to surgery as a preventative
  • Get a good breakfast. After the procedure you are not gonna eat for a good amount of time. A good calorie packedbreakfast is essential for the recovery.
  • It might be good to have someone with you after the procedure. Local anesthezia might affect you more than you think it would. If you don’t have anyone with you, we might help you with the after transportation as
We are gonna go over these as step by step to be more accurateand easily understandable; Please note that for this phase, you need to stay at İstanbul for at least3 days.
  • Local anesthesia will be applied to your mouth. This will numb majority of your mouth.
  • Dentist will cut a piece in your gums where the implant will fill the cut and the exposedbone underneath.
  • A quiet drill will be used to create a free space for the implant in the bone.
  • Then the implant will be secured in it’s position with a tool.
  • After implant is secured in it’s place, another material will be put into the implant itself and will remain there after the procedure.
  • Open parts of the gums will be closed and a stichwill be placed to prevent infections or excessive bleeding.
  • In time, secured implants will become one with the bone.
After this phase, we will have to wait for a week for your gums to heal and for your implants to fuse with the bone. This natural process is called osseointegration .
  • At the second phase, implants will be re-exposed .
  • After osseointegration, an abutment will be placed. Abutmentis the piece where the crowns sit. A local anesthezia might be neededfor this but it’s not a guarantee.
  • After that, an extension piece is placed to the implant for the impression taking.
  • This material will be examined and it is what the lab will use to fit your crowns.
  • From now on your dentist will use those materials to make crowns for your teeth. Crown will be perfectlycrafted according to your mouth and teeth shape. Couple of more appointments might be needed to get this procedure to perfection.
  • Final step will be about placementsof the crowns.
NOTE : After the abutment is placed, we have to wait for 7 to 8 days for the healing process to take place. After that, your new crowns will be placed to your mouth. So you need to stay at İstanbul for 8 additional days.
Like many other dental treatments, patients should expect to face some problems after the procedure. But, these are totallynatural and you should not worry. These are expected;
  • Swelling of the mouth and face.
  • Minor pain at the implant area.
  • Minor bleeding at your implant area.
  • Minor bruising.
Our dentists will prescribe you antibiotics and painkillers to combatthese side effects. If you think you have more problems than what you see on top. Contact us immediately . After every step of the surgery. Hard foods are a big no. Only the soft foods and water should be used. Stitches will dissolveby themselves.
Just like the natural teeth, your implants must be taken care of deeply. Continue brushing your teeth twice a day for 2 and a half minutes. You can continue using a floss, don’t be too harsh when brushing the teeth and brush the gums as well. Also, don’tchew hard foods and don’t use your teeth to open up can’s or other stuff. Don’t bite ice cubes and hard candy. Try to smoke less, smoking will shortenthe lifespan of your implants.
Teeth grindingis also a big problem that can affect the quality of your treatment. If you are grinding your teeth during sleep or during exercises,it might damagethem in the long run. If that’s the case, your dentist will take your mouth measurements and make you a dental plaque.
Last but not least. Always, be in touch with your dentist if you feel somethingis off. For example; you realized that you are actuallygrinding your teeth while sleeping. Contact your dentist and get a night plaque. After treatment maintenance is as important as the surgery. Know that the lifespanof this treatment is on your hands. Take good care, live with them for the rest of your life. If you don’t , you might need to go over the entire procedure againin a decade or so.
The overall cost for the dental implant treatment is higher than crowns or veneers. But it should be pretty understandableconsidering that with implants you are literally creating new tooth from the scratch. A new tooth route to be more accurate. The entire procedure also involves other small treatments as well like crowns, abutments,bone graft,tooth extraction and anesthezia.
Bone graft and tooth extractions are only done on patients who need these surgerys to be eligible for implant treatment. One more consideration is the healing time. You need a long time to heal and several visits to your dentist to complete this treatment. This might involve more travelling than what you intended in the first place. But, remember that these implants are madefor life.
Because of these factors, the overall cost for dental implant procedure changesa lot. But we guarantee that you will get the sameresults you would get in London, but cheaper in our clinic in İstanbul. All of our prices are 2020 updated. The overall price for the implants depends on the brand that you want and how many tooth will get the treatment. But, for a singulartooth the average price is 275 Euros . If you want a specific brandthat you want, that can be arranged with a different price. You can talk with your dentist for additional information.
Crowns are a must after the implant surgery. The general cost for these are depends on the base material and what is the patient’s preference.
Implant Crown (Metal Fused)
These crowns are used after your initial implant procedure. Metal fused crowns are strong and durable but they lack the good looks and biocompatibility of the zirconium crowns. We use these crowns 2 months after the implant procedure and the procedure takes a weekto be completed. A singular metal fused crown is 105 euros.
Implant Crown (Zirconia fused)
Zirconium fused implant crowns are known for their aesthetically pleasing look and their biocompatibility. Because of their compatibilitywith the human nature, they are pretty much allergy free. Although they are weaker compared to metal fused crowns, their main quest is to lookA singular zirconia fused implant crown is 180 euros
This procedure is for people who are patient and can wait for long times between surgeries. You have to know that the healing part is the longest part of this treatment. Constant wear-tear takes a toll on your gums. In order to make this a successful treatment, we need to take care of the gums and bones first . They need to be healthy first. Only after ensuring their safety, we can continuein this process and implement the crown treatment.
That’s why you need to visit the clinicat least 2 times in a long time-span. Patience plays a huge part in this treatments success. After getting the implants and the crowns, patient will live with them for their entirelife. If you have further questions you can contact us using this site, Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook. We will gladlyhelp you on this journey!
Bone Graft : Some of the patients mightneed a bone graft surgery to become eligiblefor dental implant procedure. The cost for this surgery is 150 euros, except biomaterial cost
Tooth Extraction: Some patients also need couple of their tooth extracted before the dental implant procedure starts. Extraction cost is 20to 40 eurosdepending on the route. Simple extractions are 20 euroswhile complicated ones are 40 euros
Getting dental implants is one of the most expensive treatments you can get from a dentist. Not only is it expensive, it is also a treatment that takes a long time. Getting an implant means getting a new set of teeth from the scratch. This results in a very expensive price tag in most countries. However, dental implant prices in Turkey are very affordable. A single implant cost between 275 euros to 405 euros. Price changes according to the dentist’s reputation and the core of the material.
Implants might seem a bit too expensive for some people. For those people, there are some other alternatives that are less costly. These alternatives are full mouth dentures, partial dentures and fixed bridges. All of these are quicker methods that also cost a lot less.
The overall prices for tooth implants change based on the brands name.This does not mean that the implants that cost less are not as good as their more expensive counterparts.The most affordable implant we use is the brand OSSTEM from Korea.Even though its more cheap, the quality is still there and its also considered one of the most used implant brands in the world. When getting implants, reliance is everything.
We really advise our patients to go for all on six method instead of the all on four. Because, all on four is a very new method and we certainly know for a fact that patients give much better feedbacks to all on six. We only do all on four if its absolutely the only way to treat the patient. In that case, the average cost for all on four treatment is about 2300 euros.
Dental implants cost more compared to veneers and crowns simply because there is more work to be done in implants.For implants, titanium is the main ingredient and it has to be created in special conditions. This makes them more challenging for manufacturers. And also with crowns and veneers, you don’t create the bone or the teeth from the scratch. With implants, you trick your body to create a new tissue around the gums. Not to mention the entire treatment takes a very long time to be considered done and requires multiple visits to a dentist. All of these adds to the overall cost of the implant procedure.
The average price for a full mouth implant is about 5000 to 6000 euros. But, this number can go up if the patient wants a specific brand for their implants or if he/she needs a bone graft. Sometimes a bone graft or tooth extraction might be needed to create a jaw that is suitable for implant procedure. This can result in higher overall prices.
If you want to try a different treatment option, dentures and bridges might be more suitable to you. They are cheaper and quicker fixes but don’t expect them to perform the same way an implant would.
There is no way to get free implants unless you are a dentist yourself.
Implant costs for per unit change based on the quality of the material and manufacturer. The average cost of the implants can go from 275 euros being the cheapest to 405 being the most costly.
We only use diamond tooth implants if our patients specifically asks for it. They are a bit more expensive compared to regular implants. The average prices range from 300 euros to 400 euros per unit.
Implants are lifelong solutions. They are strong, durable and can withstand the same kind of pressure that a real tooth can. They usually last about 30 years depending on how you take care of them. Avoid the usual stuff and use mouth protection when doing contact sports. Implants are there for life.
Yes you can. If you are missing your entire teeth, its entirely possible to get all those teeth back with full mouth dental implants. But, you need to have enough bone on your jaw and you should be physically healthy. With that being said, you need to know that full mouth dental implants are much more costly and challenging for patients. It’s a long process and you need to be mentally ready to take this treatment.
Getting implants do not hurt the patient. You will be under local anesthesia and the most you can feel is a slight discomfort. However, expect a little bit of bleeding and slight pain after the procedure. But don’t worry, its perfectly normal to bleed and feel a bit pain, it will go away in a couple of days.
We call them single tooth implants. It’s basically an implant and we use it on a singular tooth.
It really depends on the patient. We can’t really say one is better than the other. But, we can say that the implants are more reliable and a must if the patient has literally zero teeth. Bridge treatment has less potential complications and the recovery time is a lot shorter compared to implants. In the end, both has different values for different people.
Cleaning your all on four implants is essential for your oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day and use floss to remove foods that the brush cant. Pay attention to your gumline and brush it gently. You can also buy a rubber tip gum stimulator to remove tiny particles and dirt from your gums.
When you get all on four implants, it will feel awkward at first and you might feel weird at your mouth. But, the same thing happens in pretty much every dental treatment method. Even laminate veneers feel odd at first, but in time people get used to it and forget its presence. All on four implants feel natural If you give them and yourself time.
No they are not. All on four implants are also known as all on four dentures. Because of that, people assume that this type of implants can be removed at night and can be reinserted in the morning. This is a false information, all on four implants cant be removed.
We advise our patients to stick to soft foods for a while. Hard and chewy foods puts too much pressure into your newly made implants, this doesn’t mean you cant eat them but rather you should be much more careful while eating those foods. Some of these foods are; nuts,popcorn kernels, ice cubes, hard ice cream and foods of that type.
No. Dental implant procedure, whether it be all on four or all on six, is a long term process. The entire procedure takes about 5 months and requires multiple visits to your dentist. You actually go under 2 procedures considering the fact that you also need to take crowns for the tip portion of implants.
For the most part, yes. Implant procedure has been around for long time. Because of that, we have enough evidence to support its very high success rate. There are some possible scenarios where the procedure might create unwanted complications. But all of these scenarios can be easily prevented with communication between the dentist and the patient. As long as the patients health background is correct and the patient is healthy, our dentists will make the last call and decide if its good for the patient or not.
All on four implants are a bit cheaper compared to full mouth implants and all on six implants. The general price for the all on four implants is about 2300 euros. This number can go higher depending on if bone graft and tooth extraction treatments are required as well.
Few people cant participate in a dental implant surgery. Pregnant and nursing woman can’t take implant procedures. People who have extreme diabetes should not be going under implant procedure as well. Smoking also reduces the chances of success in an implant surgery and should be limited at least a month before the procedure.
For some, yes. Zirconium has a %100 biocompatibility and mashes with our body pretty well. They also do not cause electrical conduction in our mouth. Zirconia is also a very durable implant type with a very natural and desirable look. All of this makes it a very good and a viable implant. However, it should be noted that there is not enough evidence for their success because zirconia implants are rather new in dental world. Its not as reliable as regular implants
Contrary to the general belief, implant procedure is a relatively short surgery. After anesthesia, it takes about 20 minutes to complete the procedure. Patients can go to their hotel or home about an 1 hour after the surgery.
Anyone who completed their 16th birthday can take this procedure.
If you have the adequate bone size and if the surgery went swimmingly, we will do the crown loading immediately. However, if you lack the optimal bone quality and size, we will have to divide the entire procedure to two parts for your safety. If that’s the case, we will do the second part 5 months after the initial surgery.
No. If you have gingivitis or periodontitis, we will have to deal with those first. Implant procedure puts lots of stress to gums, it would be very unwise to put a stress to an already stressed gums. The blood would be too much and the success rate of the procedure would be significantly reduced.
Yes and no. Smoking does not block you from taking this procedure. However, it does reduce the chances of this procedure being a success. This, obviously depends on how heavy of a smoker you are, but the general line is that you should lower the amount you smoke for a month before the procedure.